Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Salamanca, Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Barcelona and finally... Córdoba!

As referenced in the title of this post, I have traveled to all of the cities mentioned above since having arrived in Spain on February 4th. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging until now, but my Internet has been so inconsistent.

Anyway, we started our adventures in Salamanca. And let me tell you. Salamanca was a good time. It was gorgeous, and the night life in Salamanca was a great introduction to the Spanish night life. While there, I also began getting accustomed to the whole eating lunch at 2:30 and dinner at 9:30...it was rough for awhile.

Then on to Madrid! I won't lie. I wasn't all that impressed with Madrid at first, but after awhile, it started to grow on me. I think the exhaustion hit me the hardest in Madrid, so I didn't get to experience it fully. From Madrid, we traveled to El Escorial and Segovia, and I'll be honest, all of the palaces and museums and cathedrals we saw have all blurred together :-( BUT the Reina Sofia Museum in Spain was incredible. I saw Picasso's, El Greco's, Miro's, etc.

But I will admit. Barcelona was my favorite. I know a lot of Spaniards don't like Barcelona because of the whole catalan thing and the whole eurocentricism thing, but I don't care. Barcelona tries to be different, and I like that.

Anyway, I'm in Córdoba now, and I really like it. Granted, it's been gray and raining since I arrived so I haven't gotten the full experience, but from what I've seen and experienced so far, I think I'll be just fine here. It isn't too big, but it isn't too small either. I live right in the center of the city...if I turn left out of my doorway, I walk a couple feet and am literally in the center plaza, la Plaza de las Tendillas. People here seem nice enough, and the family I am living with is absolutely wonderful. They are a 60 year old woman and a 66 year old man, and they are absolutely adorable. They're funny and they kiss and she's a wonderful cook. The girl I live with also seems nice, but of course, I will have to get to know her.

Classes officially start next Monday, and I'm trying to work out my schedule. And as most of you all know, I'm a stickler about my schedules. I need routines to stay focused and happy.

Alright well, I need to go. I have to shower, soon and Frank is pestering me to read his facebook message.
Will post later!

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  1. Im glad your enjoying yourself and thank you for my postcards babe. I cant wait to read more about your Adventures abroad. Talk with you soon.