Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who Let the Crazies Out???

So I've decided to keep a log of the weird occurrences that have come to, in some way, define my experience in Spain thus far.
Note: Everything I am about to log has happened to and/or been seen by me firsthand and is therefore true.

Number of beer bottles dropped in clubs prior to midnight: 5 (Come on people. Save the drunken sloppiness for after-midnight activities...whatever those may be.)

Number of times I've been assaulted: 1 (Granted, I should have known the man was crazy by the way he was talking to himself. He didn't hit me or anything...just shoved me in the back with an umbrella because apparently I got too close...even though I was 4 arms-length away from him...)

Number of children I have seen driving remote control cars down the sidewalk: 1 (Yes, there WAS parental supervision...and the car hit my foot.)

Number of children I have seen shooting at people from the steps of a church with a fake gun: 1 (I saw this today on my walk back from the gym, and the BEST part was that it was one of those guns with a knife on the end...a bayonet I think it's called???)

Number of women I have watched try to pick up a screw stuck in the crevices of the sidewalk: 1 (At first I thought it might have been a screw from her glasses or something she actually needed to pick up, but no, it was just a rusty nail...)

Number of times I have been asked for directions (in Spanish) to the same place: 6 (And no, I still have NO clue what place it is or where it is, but it's definitely been the same place every time.)

Number of clown performers seen in or just off of la Plaza de las Tendillas: 3 (They're the scary ones, too.)

Number of times my host mother has asked if I'm going out at night, and if I'm unsure, she demands I go: Countless.

All in all, my experiences so far have proven to me that Spain is a pretty eccentric country, but honestly, what country isn't? While it's quirkiness may be slightly quirkier than others, it never fails to entertain, and I'm loving every second of it.

Oh, and I finally asked my host mother why she always wants me and my roommate to go out at night. She said that if we go out and have fun, then we will leave with good memories of Spain and want to come back, unlike the other girls who have stayed in their rooms all semester only to have no memories of Spain and think it boring. I think I'm with my host mom on this one.

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  1. I hate clowns. They're creepy. And yes you should go out and have fun memories of spain...Im not all that sure if it should be every night though. Anyway I miss you and talk with you soon.