Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Moment with the "Padres"

I just finished having family lunch, and I thought I would share a portion of our conversation.

My roommate was telling our "padres" how she felt about her older brother's present girlfriend. According to her, the girlfriend is "fea", or ugly. I, however, tried to play devil's advocate by saying it isn't that she's ugly; it's just that her brother is more attractive than the girlfriend. Our padres responded with, "OOOOOOHH sí sí sí!", understanding exactly what I was talking about. They then went on to say that that's usually how it works. Either a very attractive man dates a less attractive woman, or a very attractive woman dates a less attractive man: in fact, it's very rare that you see two people of equal, physical caliber dating one another. My roommate then asked, "Well, what about you guys?" And my madre...well, she said (in Spanish), "Well, it's obvious! I'm clearly more attractive than he is!" To which my padre responded, "Well, of course you are!" My roommate and I could not. stop. laughing. My madre then continued to say, "Oh what? You thought I was going to be humble? No! I am clearly more attractive (guapa)! What? You don't think so?!?" And with that, we had to praise her beauty.

Just thought I would share. Haha.

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  1. I love it! these are the little stories that you will always remember!