Monday, March 1, 2010

Travel Schedule

This post will serve as a mini-calendar to let everyone know where I will be in the world throughout the next 3 months. I will update it if plans change.

March 5-7: Málaga
March 19-20: Sevilla
March 26-April 3: Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin
April 9-10: Granada
April 22-26: Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan)
April 30-May 2: Portugal


  1. This travel schedule is amazing and Im very jealous. I have wanted to travel to Italy for so long now. Please take lots of pictures and send me a postcard or two. Where is Malaga?

  2. Southern Spain; it's a beach town :-)

  3. College "classrooms" have certainly changed since I was a student! Malaga, Sevilla, Budapest...

    Remember what I said to you b/4 you left. When you're part of the working world, you're mind will drift off and have fond memories of this time in Europe. Enjoy each moment!

    Love, Auntie Ter