Saturday, May 8, 2010

Los Patios

For Córdoba, the month of May means one thing—¡Fiesta!

While smaller festivals take place throughout the course of the month, such as La Cata, Las Cruces and Los Patios, the month ends with the biggest festival of all—La Feria (which I’m sure I will blog about later).

Unfortunately, I missed Las Cruces because I was in Portugal (not TOO heartbreaking, thank goodness). But I can still provide a brief description of what it’s all about. Crosses covered completely in red roses (signifying the blood Jesus spilled to save us all) are erected in Plazas throughout the city. Various flowers are then placed around the crosses, each composition bearing the unique design signature of a given Cordobesan. These crosses then stand in the Plazas for three days, since usually by that time the flowers start to wilt. Finally, the city declares a winner on Sunday, and a cash prize is given to the designer of the best cross display.

I was here, however, for Los Patios (which takes place from May 5th to the 16th). Each year, various homes in Córdoba compete for the title of best patio display. Flowers, plates, paintings, props, etc. fill patios across the city, and visitors are welcome from 11am -2pm and 6pm-11pm. Again, at the end of the festival, the city declares a winner and a cash prize is given to the home with the best display (which is usually the home that spends the most money on decorations).

Below are some of the pictures I took today during our patio tour. Unfortunately, the weather in Córdoba has decided to be continuously stubborn (and borderline insufferable), so we didn’t get much sun. The flowers, however, did help to brighten the day significantly. Enjoy!

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