Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunshine and Oranges, and No, I'm Not Talkin' about Florida!

Orange trees line almost every street in Córdoba. It doesn't matter if you're in Ciudad Jardín where it's mostly residential or if you're in La Plaza de las Tendillas right in the center of the city. Córdoba loves its oranges.

But the oranges on the trees aren't for casual peeling and eating. You don't want to pick one off the tree and just pop it in your mouth. No, these oranges are bitter--they're meant for marmalade.

Still, the orange trees promise Córdoba more than just marmalade...

Before I left, the orange blossoms hadn't bloomed. Oranges hung from the trees, but my padres insisted that the experience wasn't complete without the orange blossoms. And now that they've arrived, I must admit: my padres were right.

As I leave my piso each morning, I'm greeted by the sweet smell of the orange blossoms. I never thought I would write something so terribly cliché, but... you can blame it on the orange blossoms.

They're just such a great start to the day. I walk out the door, and there is the sun (finally). I breathe in, and there are the orange blossoms. Then I turn the corner, and there are the orange trees. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I can't help but smile inside and out.

Spring is here, and Córdoba is about to bloom in every which way--I can feel it.
Life is completely beautiful right now.


  1. That is a really great picture. I will not lie, I probably would have picked an orange and proceeded to eat it regardless of how bitter someone told me they were, just to say I did. lol. Anyway, would you be so kind as to take a picture of the orange trees that line your route to school. I would like to see what you see in the morning.

  2. I want pictures of your route to school with the orange trees too!
    Hi Frank!